Rubber Lining

Fouz Chemical Company has been specialist in Rubber Lining having bagged many prestigious jobs. We undertake rubber lining both at customer’s site as well as as in our workshop located in Dammam, Saudi Arabia. Fouz offers rubber lining for Acid Storage Tanks – all kinds of Acids, Water Treatment Vessels, Scrubbers, Stacks and Ducts, Pipes and Fittings, Valves Condensers, Filters, Sea Water Pipe Line etc. Fouz Chemical Company has trained competent workforce for you to rely on. Our technicians understand the chemistry and environmental conditions under which your equipment is operating. Therefore, Fouz technicians can inform you about and recommend linings that will shield your machinery and equipment with a protective barrier against abrasion, corrosion, weather and aggressive environments. Fouz is approved applicator of all major sheet rubber compounders including Blair Rubber (USA) and Polycorp (Canada).


Rubber lining division experience list:
We have completed several major projects in the past years and to list a few are as follows:


SCECO (Qurrayah Plant) Internal Lining of 1800dia spools For Seawater Service
SAFCO (Ammonia Urea Plant) Internal Lining of pipe spools 2” dia to 54” dia
SAFCO (Ammonia Urea Plant) Internal Lining to Demineralization 15 Vessels
SABIC (SHARQ) Internal lining to demineralization Piping and Vessels
SABIC (AR RAZI) Internal Lining of 8” to 36” dia piping for Seawater cooling
SABIC (Ibn Zahr MTBE-III) Rubber Lining of Sea Water reducers 84” x 54” Dia
SCECO (Rabigh Plant) Condenser Water boxes 8 nos.
&AIFC Yanbu Bechtel thru Metito Ryd. 8 Nos. Demineralization vessels lining
SABIC (Hadeed Expansion Project) 420 spools for Seawater cooling system Between 2200 dia to 350 dia.
SABIC (Petrokemya Olefins Exp.) 7 Nos. Tanks for Chemical Mixing services
SCECO (Ghazlan Power Plant) Maintenance in Plant for 3 years
SHARQ (SSP 2nd Exp. Thru C.P.L) 64 pipe spools rubber lining.
SCECO (Ghazlan Plant Thru GEC) 474 pipe spools rubber-lining work.
SHARQ (SSP 2nd Exp. Thru C.P.L) Rubber lining Revamping 3V-4101 Seawater Discharge Header
Dowell Schlumberger SA Ltd. 3 Nos. HCL Road Tankers for Fabrication and Rubber lining works
SCECO (Ghazlan Plant thru GEC) 3 Nos. Mixed Bed Exchanger rubber lining (Expansion).
Saudi Yanbu Petrochemical Co Maintenance in Plant for 4 Years
SABIC Maintenance in SABIC Affiliates. (Rubber Lining Global Contract for all the SABIC Affiliates)
Cristal 2 HCL Tanker + 3 Caustic Soda tanker.
A.C.C. Yanbu Rubber lining of 3 vessels, Ion Exchanger and pipe work for plant.
SABIC (Hadeed) Rubber lining of Waste Acid Tank, Pickling tanks.
SABIC (Ibn Sina) Revamping of 36” dia Header, Deaerator tank
Saudi Yanbu Petrochemical Co. Revamping / repairs on 4 Nos. Ion Exchanger.
Saudi Electricity Co. (Rabigh Plant) Revamping of condensers unit 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 for repairs and Relining.
SABIC (Hadeed) Rubber lining of Waste Acid Tank, Pickling tanks.
Bariq Mining Ltd. Slurry Storage tanks Rubber Lining; Dia 11m,height 13m, another tank Dia 6.5m and height 6.5m,Total area of the tanks 900sqm.


We hope we can provide similar service to you and we assure you that we shall provide best quality Rubber Lining services as per your requirements.