What you should know about Fouz Chemical !

Fouz Chemical Company is

Saudi Arabia’s leading industrial & laboratory chemical importer, stockist and distributor serving the entire manufacturing and maintenance spectrum.

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For decades as a Chemical Supplier, we’ve sourced raw materials from chemical suppliers around the world and marketed them to manufacturers and consumers serving key industrial market places. These...

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As a chemical supplier, we supply Industrial, Laboratory and Specialty Chemicals from three main branches located in the Eastern, Central and Western Regions. We are governed by guiding principles...

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Fouz Chemical is committed to exceeding environmental, health, safety and continuous improvement standards as set forth in the Responsible Distribution Process. We’re a full service chemical...

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  • Chemicals for Water Treatment, Potable Sewage & Pool Water
  • Chemicals for Oil Field & Petroleum
  • Chemicals for Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Chemicals for Food & Beverages Industry
  • Chemicals for Steel & Galvanizing Industry
  • Chemicals for Mining & Ceramic Industry
  • Chemicals for Paint, Paper, Adhesive & Detergent Industry
  • Chemicals for Laboratory, Analytical use
  • Corrosion Control by Rubber Lining for Storage Tank, Road Tank, Pipes, Valves, Etc.

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